2022 Athleisure Collection

Enter the Mystic Realm

Created with a sense of transformation and revival, the Mystic Realm Collection focuses on elevated, self-expressive athleisure wear that easily transitions from head-turning street style to workout chic.

As envisioned by former Pleats Please ISSEY MIYAKE designer Zoe Chen, this tattoo-inspired collection features ethereal creatures that embody the virtues and qualities we strive for. Transcended beyond aesthetic appeal, Zoelle heightens expression of individuality and your own distinct essence.

Intricate constructions, sculpturesque silhouettes, vibrant color-blocking, and innovative fabrics merge in graceful union to give Zoelle's creation an air of contemporary, art-infused luxury. The elaborate graphic prints, which take hundreds of hours each to design, not only draw an inner vivacity and strength when worn, but also sculpt the contours of the body.

Zoelle’s clothing reflects unexpected modern design sensibilities. Moving away from the conventional rules of fashion, our philosophy is simple: combine art and progressive design with creative details, comfort, and versatility.