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Flow with a Fluid Silhouette

Modern Bourgeois Bohemian silhouette meets Eastern visual spectacle. This collection illustrates Zoelle's fantasy on the inescapable union of the virtual and physical realms.

Art-Infused Fashion

Zoelle's original creations are the result of a graphic sensibility, an eye for artful details, and an innate sense of beauty. Designed with lightness and sophistication, Zoelle’s iconic prints and imaginative color palettes invite you to explore our world of progressive fashion.

Cascading Prisms of Color

An enchanting, luxurious experience of the senses, Zoelle’s accessories collection evokes airy sensations in a cascade of luminously shaded textures and a gentle explosion of colors and patterns that invite you in.

Artistic Modernity on Inventive Details

Modern design cuts through the air with silken smoothness to create a cutting-edge look. Zoelle’s latest collection of accessories reflects its dedication to innovative details. It is both a contemporary style icon and an object of desire.

Embody the Grace of Movement

Created with a sense of transformation and revival, Zoelle's 2022 Mystic Realm Collection incapsulates tattoo-inspired, self-expressive athleisure wear that easily transitions from head-turning street style to workout chic.

Illuminate Your True Colors

Our Story

As envisioned by Zoe Chen, former designer for Pleats Please ISSEY MIYAKE, Zoelle is a vivid and unmistakably fashion-forward venture that embodies a deep respect for method, modernism, as well as a sense of fashion liberation and artistic integrity.

The brand strives to constantly evolve with inspirational collections each season, all of which integrate innovative materials, progressive designs, and inventive details into a versatile work of art you can comfortably wear.

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Design Integrity

Fashion Meets Art

Zoelle's creative director on her passion to exude confidence and capture the essence of what makes luxury truly special—which is the power of individuality.

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