Sustainable Fashion

Conscious Design

Art-infused fashion

Zoelle blurs the line between contemporary fashion, art, and architecture by creating a cohesive aesthetic that resonates deeply with style-conscious women.

The brand evokes a profound fascination with elemental spaces and forms, and the visual impacts created by the relationship between objects. In each collection, Zoelle transforms simple geometric elements into intricate designs, influenced by points, lines, and planes. As a result, Zoelle is based on a keen visual understanding of aesthetics, which informs the designer's approach to creating women's apparel and accessories.

Sustainable Design

We identify sustainable fashion solutions, based on the repositioning of strategies of thoughtful design, production, consumption, use and reuse. We seek to ensure the manufacturing process of our products is transparent. 

The brand is committed to adhering to sustainability guidelines for all our apparel and accessories as closely as possible. That means we must consider the environmental impact on the materials we use, and the production processes we follow. One way we do this is by using waterless sublimation printing, which is a brilliant and eco-friendly technique that offers excellent and vivid coloring and use far less resources than traditional methods. The pollution prevention here has a truly sustainable effect.

Furthermore, we prioritize the use of recycled materials, particularly recycled polyester derived from PET plastic waste, commonly found in items like plastic bottles. This approach significantly reduces the need for virgin polyester fiber. We strive to incorporate them into our new designs wherever possible.

Zoelle does not claim to be predominantly about sustainability. Fashion, at its core, is all about immense consumption of natural resources and often harmful materials, which contradicts the concept of sustainability. But we try our best to mitigate it.

We believe in sweatshop-free, socially responsible manufacturing, and environmentally conscious designs. All of our products are designed to be timeless, made to last in both quality and style, produced in limited volumes, and manufactured in developed regions with strong labor laws in compliance with fair wage, traceable material, and eco-aware practices.

Zoelle is fully committed to combining art and fashion in an ethical way that is as sustainable as we can for our future generations.