Once upon a time, fashion was an art form and luxury was a privilege. Now it has been reduced to predictable and inane formulas. Luxury houses mass-produce bland, factory-designed samples and stamp them with logos. Designer labels showcase models strutting down the runways in outfits seemingly impractical. Ordinary products are being offered at extraordinary prices. Are these the only choices we have?

At Zoelle, a woman-led brand, we believe fashion design should be about a passionate, whole-hearted effort to instill ingenuity, artisan experience, and textile innovation into wearable products.

Set in motion by former ISSEY MIYAKE Pleats Please designer Zoe Chen, designs for Zoelle exemplify uncompromising individuality and cerebral creativity. Inspired by her strong graphic sensibility, powerful imagination, and her relentless pursuit of self-actualization, Zoelle creates clothing and accessories that are masterful in its execution and art-infused uniqueness.

Meet our designer
Woman wearing Zoelle Bybs's Comfi Bra Dragon Mono & Elonga Legging Dragon Mono, surrounded by a black & white dragon print

Illuminate your true colors


True luxury is being yourself on purpose, and beauty lies in having the courage to express it. Our mission is to take you towards what you never thought possible, to worlds where you can make a statement in unbounded fashion.

With a lateral take on luxury, Zoelle is a vivid and unmistakably fashion-forward venture that embodies a deep respect for method, modernism, as well as a sense of fashion liberation and artistic integrity. The brand strives to constantly evolve with inspirational collections each season, all of which integrate progressive designs, inventive details, and innovative materials into a versatile work of art you can comfortably wear.

Zoelle’s intuitive adaptations of Japanese, American, and European tailoring and craftsmanship are a testament to a woman as complex and meticulously forward-thinking as our designs.

Be Your Better Self


Imagine a journey of self-discovery, where there are no societal rules or expectations of others, only the freedom to explore and expand. This is a new era of luxury living: a world built on respect for self-expression, and not bound by social convention or cultural stereotypes.

At Zoelle, we celebrate individuality across the spectrum of possibilities. We believe in the power of curiosity, which drives you to ponder your inner landscape, to uncover your true self, and to push beyond self-perceived limits. It is an unparalleled environment of inspiration and exploration, where you will find luxury in an entirely new perspective.

We strive to present designs that ignite your desire to venture beyond conventional style of fashion, to show your true colors with grace and artistic brilliance. With our one-of-a-kind creations, we hope to inspire you to be bold and fearless whatever path you embark on.

Woman wearing Zoelle Bybs's Comfi Bra Dragon Scarlet & Xculpt Legging Dragon Scarlet, holding a baby dragon on her left hand