Zoelle dreams a world of pixelated romance: where virtual figments and reality have inextricably intertwined, and difference in human perception magnified. With this inherent ethos, Zoelle's creative vision combines modern Western silhouette with futuristic Asian spectacle—exploring the next generation of fashion zeitgeist and what came before.

At Zoelle, a woman-led brand, we create clothing that moves instead of just being momentarily photogenic; forms that exemplify an uncompromising balance of innovation and pragmatism. We believe fashion design should be about a passionate effort to instill ingenuity and artisan experience, channel advancements in construction and fabrication, and allow for purposeful self-expression.

Set in motion by former ISSEY MIYAKE Pleats Please designer Zoe Chen, and inspired by her natural graphic sensibility, vivid imagination and firm grasp of Japanese craftsmanship, Zoelle strives to design womenswear that are masterful in its execution and uniqueness, with an air of modern bourgeois bohemian romance.

Meet our designer

Illuminate your true colors


True luxury is being yourself on purpose, and beauty lies in having the courage to express it. Our mission is to take you towards what you never thought possible, to worlds where you can make a statement in unbounded fashion.

With a lateral take on luxury, Zoelle is a vivid and unmistakably fashion-forward venture that embodies a deep respect for method, modernism, as well as a sense of fashion liberation and artistic integrity. The brand strives to constantly evolve with inspirational collections each season, all of which integrate progressive designs, inventive details, and innovative materials into a versatile work of art you can comfortably wear.

Zoelle’s intuitive adaptations of Japanese, American, and European tailoring and craftsmanship are a testament to a woman as complex and meticulously forward-thinking as our designs.