AW23 Womenswear Collection

Modern bourgeois bohemian silhouette meets eastern visual spectacle. This collection highlights Zoelle's design vision on the inescapable union of the physical and virtual realms.

Enthralled by Urban Folklore

Inspired by the instinctual nature of traveling butterflies—from their magical journey south; from their soft hues and intricate patterns; and from their ability to make us stop in our tracks and admire them as they fly by, Urban Folklore tells a story of such free-spirited, sensuous women through a digital lens.

Zoelle's AW23 Womenswear Collection embodies a bohemian soul and nomadic energy, and embraces a generation defined by the widening commonalities between reality and imaginative visuals. The pixelated romance that lives within her is reflected in her style—a love for the colors and the motifs that come from an ever-evolving virtual world fused with prismatic cues, fanciful silhouettes and dreamlike flowingness that remind us of our favorite Indian summer.

This Collection was created by former ISSEY MIYAKE Pleats Please designer Zoe Chen, who writes her own rules of fashion with artistic integrity, in modern Asian-influenced bourgeois bohème sensibilities.