Pairing Printed Leggings
4 Styling Tips, 7 Daily Looks

Women across the globe, including top celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, have been embracing compression tights as a statement look in the past few years. With the athleisure trend now in full force, leggings are no longer an afterthought—they are a must-have.

Leggings provide the staying power and flexibility that is perfect for everyday wear, be it to work or play. Not only that, they can be easily dressed up for a glam look. Zoelle has put an extraordinary spin on this wardrobe staple, with progressive designs that are flawlessly balanced combinations of performance and aesthetics, creating leggings that go far beyond the “basic black.”

Creative Director Zoe Chen’s ability to marry the concepts of art and fashion with meticulous construction details is evident in her work on the new 2022 SS Mystic Realm Athleisure Collection. The leggings are high-performance, high-fashion essentials that can seamlessly transition from office to gym to evening plans.

This collection has already attracted a cult following with its undeniably chic silhouettes and innovative “superior curve” fabric, combined with its exclusive artistic print placements that create beautifully sculpted cuts for an easy-to-wear, feminine aesthetic.

7 daily looks wearing Elonga Legging Koi Blue
This image: Elonga Legging Koi Blue

While there are many ways to wear Zoelle, there are some particular styles that are optimal for our brand. With any outfit, these are great ideas to follow:

1. Embrace printed leggings

Most people are intimidated by the prospect of wearing printed leggings. After all, prints can be difficult to pull off when layered over another garment. However, when worn with the right outfit, they provide a whole new dimension of style. We recommend pairing Zoelle’s designs with a tunic-length top, blazer, or hoodie for a brunch date or a night on the town; or with our matching sports bra for those hard workouts with your trainer.

2. Wear leggings with the right shoes

Black pumps are the go-to choice for dressing up leggings—but knee-length boots are another great alternative. The best place to start with footwear is a tall boot, calf to knee high but not over the knee. These types of shoes, combined with Zoelle’s proprietary tattoo-like imprints, allow your outfit to help elongate the legs and make you appear taller, slimmer, and more confident.

3. Accessorize

Accessorizing can take a look from everyday to mind-blowing in a moment’s notice, and with Zoelle leggings are no exception. Trust us when we say complementing with a baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses will add a street style vibe to your outfit. Or, dress up with jewelry and a purse for a runway look that’s even more sophisticated.

4. More ideas

Try pairing Zoelle leggings with a tee and ankle boots during the day and add booties and a bomber jacket in the evening. Show off your confidence and your sense of daring in the night with long sleeves, metal studs, and leather dress shoes. Our leggings insert an unexpected artistic touch in your everyday wardrobe.

Just keep in mind as you're staying your “look,” remember what shape and silhouette you want to achieve, and this will help you choose the best pieces that work together.