Trés Anita
A Day in the Life

We ran into Anita under a heavy gray Parisian sky, on a gentle December Sunday afternoon. She caught our eye as she casually strolled along the Jardins des Plantes in her Zoelle Xculpt leggings—paired with an oversized Balenciaga jean jacket and Jacquemus Le Chiquito clutch—hugging every curve of her long legs. Parisians are always fashion-forward, yet she seems to set a trend all on her own. 

“Leggings can change the vibe of an entire outfit in just one step,” she said. “It’s a fashion staple I can’t live without. With today’s fashion moving so fast, leggings are the most practical piece of clothing any girl can invest in."

Black woman wearing Zoelle Bybs Xculpt dragon scarlet leggings on the banks of a river in Paris

The Look: Xculpt dragon leggings, Balenciaga jean jacket, Jacquemus bag

Anita is every inch a “Parisienne”: she’s confident, passionate, relaxed, and her hair looks amazingly on point. She is unapologetically stylish in the chicest city in the world, but who wouldn’t be? Her look is a blend of pieces that show effortless, Parisian flair and exclusivity.

By working at Rick Owens, Anita's clients include celebrities, actors, and models alike. Her favorite part of the job is selecting a wardrobe for each client that interprets his or her style. She knows that clothing can’t be thought of as a trend or something that comes out in phases, but that it should be considered as something that can outwardly convey the wearer's personality.

I believe that fashion has the power to completely change your life. You think of yourself differently when you're wearing something beautiful. You walk differently, you talk differently, you stand up straighter,” commented Anita.

Anita’s story began in Ivory Coast, where she was born, and proceeded to be raised in France. By age 10 she was living in a small town in the French Alps, near Switzerland. After her baccalauréat, she spent a year in Sydney and then returned home to study English Literature at the Sorbonne. Writing short stories, poems, and plays gave her a new perspective about life.

“What I love about my job is that every day presents me with a new challenge,” Anita continued. She really enjoys being able to mix her style with her work, because “style isn’t just about clothes. It’s also about attitude and behavior.”

Where her personal style has been described as "very avant-garde," she is a big fan of color and prints merged with the freedom of movement, and allowing her to feel comfortable in her own skin.

“At the end of the day, French fashion is…just very French. It has its own style with inspiration from the 70’s,” said Anita, as we decided to tag along with her for another long walk to one of her favorite stores, Besides Kimchi, in the 4th arrondissement.

“Although the ‘classic’ attire is always with the sailor top, denim jacket and cut-off…‘Frenchie style’ as we just call it, is all about being you and embracing your individuality—hence why there are so many different types of people with this style that look amazing in their own way.”

Black woman outside kneeling down wearing Zoelle Bybs Xculpt dragon scarlet leggings and a black hoodie

And Anita seamlessly balances the Bohemian free-spiritedness with the French sense of luxury. She loves pairing her on-point progressive style with timeless quality and classic pieces—such as her beloved Zoelle leggings—which make them easy to combine and wear at once.

Perhaps Parisian style is very similar to French mood: the locals have creative minds but also a touch of rebellion as if they're too intelligent to conform. They love fresh new trends and also look at what's going on in fashion—with a taste that is very much refined with a touch of classicism.