Meggings Revolution
Style Meets Performance

Compression pants were once considered an item only worn by athletes or celebrities, but not anymore. As modern men continue to embrace athleisure fashion and blur the boundaries between “workout gear” and “lifestyle wear,” there are more interests for men to wear compression pants than ever before. With the release of the Axel, Zoelle’s new men’s compression pant series, it’s a perfect addition to complete your wardrobe for the track or the street, giving you the flexibility you need for everyday wear.

Men's compression pants, men's leggings, or “meggings” as they are commonly called, were first introduced in the 1980s as an alternative to jeans and sweatsuits. They soon became popular with athletes who wanted performance and support while playing sports.

Today, more men are looking for comfort and style in activewear in addition to its basic functions. Zoelle’s Axel compression pants are designed for just that, and they create a whole new perspective on fashion for different events and occasions. Meggings are becoming more versatile as luxury brands release their own lines of athleisure in the form of leggings and tracksuits.

Crafted from high-tech fabric that is durable, breathable and sweat-wicking, Zoelle’s Axel compression pants deliver enhanced graphics that reflect your athletic style. Made to be versatile, Axel pairs easily with sweatshirts and jackets for a casual day out, and they're ready to power your every move.

The style of men's compression pants is bold and distinctive, but it's not just for the runway. If you're looking to wear them with confidence, there are a couple things you should know.

First, compression pants are great not just on the basketball court, but for everyday casual. They can be worn with shoes or sneakers, depending on the occasion.

Second, when it comes to color pairing your clothes with Axel compression pants (and why wouldn't you?), choose a top that’s simple and monochromatic to complement the artful prints. Our favorites tend to be white, black, navy blue or darker colors for a visually cohesive look.

Third, should you wear Axel compression pants with shorts or without shorts? It really comes down to your personal preference and the occasion, and there is no right or wrong.

Compression pants can be an integral part of any gent's wardrobe. Whether you want to look sharp and trendy, or keep it casual in a pair of sneakers, Zoelle’s Axel makes a personal statement of self-expression.