The Perfect Knit
Weft vs Warp

Not all leggings are created equal—several factors influence the costs and quality that most may not be aware of. One thing is for sure: when you're paying for luxury, you're really paying for the consistency of a quality fabric that was made with care and details in mind.

There are two main types of fabric knitting methods: weft knit and warp knit.

Weft knit fabrics are the most common type of fabric used in conventional leggings today. It is made by a circular knitting machine, where the material is fabricated by looping yarn or threads around itself. The fabric unravels easily when accidentally torn or holed: it is not as resilient as warp knit fabric, and does not hold its shape to the same standard. However, due to its sheer volume and lower production cost, weft knit remains the popular option.

Warp knit fabrics are also made by interlocking yarn or threads around itself, but the technique is more complicated. The technology of warp knits offers an advanced alternative in manufacturing that extends to the luxury market and is an excellent choice for both sports clothing and fashion wear. The unique features include great shearing properties that give a visual texture, drape, and color depth especially in brighter colored luxurious apparel.

So what sets warp knit fabrics apart from the rest?

It's all in the construction: warp knits are strong, durable, and they last (which makes them worth every penny).

Think Missoni’s sweaters.

Though warp knits are less stretchable than weft knits, when elastane or spandex is added to warp knits, they are exceptional for yoga pants, leggings, and other sportswear items. There is a higher cost associated with this product, but most high-end sports garments are produced with this method because it looks elegant and performs well in all conditions.

Zoelle’s high-end leggings are made with interlacing warp threads. This advanced knitting method results in solid structure, superior shape-retention characteristics and durability. There are no sharp creases, folds, or puckering; all areas are smooth and soft to the feel.

Warp knitted material comes in a variety of styles and colors that can be used to create stunning garments with a luxurious touch. Zoelle has worked with specialty warp knit manufacturers to develop some of the finest high-tech fabrics in the world, and has integrated that into all our leggings.